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This little web site is about my Grandmother’s Quail Egg Recipes and Pickled Quail Eggs.  Plus other unique quail egg recipes collected from all over the world making Quail-Egg-Recipes.Com the largest source of quail egg recipes on the Web. This quail egg recipe story begins in the early 1950s on my Grandparent’s farm near Cottonport, Louisiana.  Cottonport is a small town located in Avoyelles Parish on the banks of Bayou Rouge.

Quail Egg Recipes

They farmed about 30 acres of cotton just outside of the city limits. Along with farming a cash crop of cotton, Paw-Paw always had chickens, pigs, cattle for the meat and a milk cow. Plus Maw-Maw worked almost daily in her large vegetable garden. Most of what they ate was raised on this farm including Paw-Paw’s favorite, Quail Eggs.  Paw-Paw loved raising quail for the eggs.

Quail Egg Recipes

Paw-Paw raised his own quails and they produced lots of quail eggs. You could always find quail eggs at the kitchen table. Boiled or pickled, fried or poached, in a gumbo etc. they were there. I remember not liking the pickled quail eggs. But then I didn’t eat his pickled pigs feet either. But I sure did make a pig out of myself with everything else Maw-Maw cooked.

Quail Egg Recipes

When Maw-Maw had to many fresh quail eggs she would pickle them in 1-gallon glass containers. Then off to my uncle Vance’s Grocery store. their she would trade fresh picked quail eggs for items such as sugar, flour and Day’s-Work chewing tobacco. No, she didn’t chew but Paw-Paw sure did. Uncle Vance’s grocery store was also a meat market and saloon all in one small building. I was in and out of his store daily. I can remember the illegal slot machines, Moon-pie and a coke, plus Maw-Maw’s pickled quail eggs on the bar.


Maw-Maw Rabalais

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